What is dark?  The answer is about as varied as the reader of this page.  Dark can be a reference to no light – The setting sun left the land sheathed in darkness, or it can have an evil connotation – She was surprised by the sudden darkness in his eyes and demeanor.  Dark can refer to a shade of a specific color – The lighter robin’s egg blue or the darker navy blue.  Dark can even refer to that which we know nothing of – dark secrets – which we either have not educated ourselves on the subject, or elect not to know and remain ignorant.

Was the Spanish Inquisition a dark moment in history?  What about the Salem witch trials or  McCarthyism and The Crucible?  What is dark?

One may prefer the dark of a room when sleeping while another is not bothered by the light.  I drink my coffee black, straight out of the coffee pot, no sugar or cream.

So what is dark, where does it start and end?  Is my dark too dark for you or Vice Versa?  Is it on a journey completed, this journey or one not yet started?

3 Responses to Dark

  1. chattykerry says:

    Dark can also be beautiful. Fireflies, cicadas, frogs, stars, moonlight, Thought provoking post that has made me think about how we use the word dark.

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