My experiences make me older than my peers yet my appearance is much younger.  I am happily married and my SO cringes when I say we will celebrate our 50th anniversary as we were married at a much older age than most.

I am finding a new love of words and expressions, and hope to reflect that love in my posts.

The above photo was taken from the Ponte degli Alpini crossing the Brenta river (fiume) in Bassano del Grappa (http://www.bassanodelgrappa.gov.it/).

5 Responses to About

  1. livedinitaly says:

    Thank you. That was taken from Ponti de gli Alpini in Basssno del Grappa, Italy, looking north.

  2. Thanks so much for reblogging my Monteriggioni post. I am honored…So happy to find your blog!

  3. Our grandfather crossed the Ponte degli Alpini (Bridge of the Alpini) during WW1. This town is amazing.

  4. Mrs Fever says:

    Hello. 🙂

    I received an email notification from WordPress that you had requested access to my WP blog. Unfortunately, I don’t have your address to email you directly, so I’m responding here instead. 🙂

    My blog has moved, as I now have my own url.

    Just click the link next to my gravatar to get to the new site, or copy and paste the web address into your browser:


    Thanks for checking in. I hope you are well. 😊

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