Molto Milano: Why Milan, Italy, Should be on Your Family Travel List

Visiting Milano soon?

The World is Your Playground


Full disclosure: Milan was not my family’s first choice of a destination in Italy. In fact, we flew to Milan because of exceptional airfare deals that were literally too good to miss. (How good? See the “Insider Travel Tip,” below). We figured we’d make a pit stop in Milan and then head elsewhere, never to think of what we assumed would be a gray, industrial city again.

We were wrong – Milan is fantastic family destination, a non-touristy (well, maybe not this summer with the World Expo taking place, but in general), walkable city with history around every corner, mouth-watering restaurants, and, of course, the most fashionable retail shops in the world.

Heading to Italy? Here are a few of my family’s Milan highlights:

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