Italian 101 – How to say Good Luck in Italian

Interesting regional Italian customs


Italians are a superstitious lot. Many carry lucky charms or touch iron to ward off bad luck (touching wood in Italy will get you nowhere by the way!) Whilst others faithfully follow their horoscopes or call on the saints to help. So you’d think that wishing someone good luck, literally Buona Fortuna, would be a good thing, wouldn’t you? But if you value your health, don’t ever mutter those two little words to an Italian as its considered extremely bad luck! Confused? Well, don’t worry, here’s how to wish someone Good Luck in Italian and ensure that Lady Luck looks kindly on you and your friends forever!

How to say Good Luck in Italian

If you want to wish someone good luck in their exams, starting a new job or before a first date, the phrase you actually want is In bocca al lupo, pronounced een boh-kah al…

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