Venice’s best restaurants and cafes

Presto. Sarò lì presto.

Her Grand Tour

Once upon a time, Venice was known for being a place full of terrible, run of the mill restaurants that catered to tourists. I’m unhappy to report that these places still exist in abundance, but don’t panic… I’m here to help.

The reality is that Venice is an absolute treasure trove of incredible food. If you’re a fan of seafood, welcome to your own personal heaven. Veggie? No problem. Some of the most amazing produce I’ve ever had comes from the island of Sant’Erasmo, located in the Venetian lagoon.

I’m a big fan of cicchetti, uniquely Venetian small bites that you’ll find in charming little bàcari around the city. I wrote a guide to exploring them, which you can find here. Sometimes a girl needs to stuff her face though, and with that in mind I decided to put together a little list of my favourite restaurants and cafes in Venice.

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