Not what I thought it would be

A day in a life and what we can’t or don’t see.

The Reality of Baby

When I was pregnant I had it all planned out. I would French parent. My daughter would self sooth. She would play by herself, sleep by herself in her crib, I would nurse but she would love food and eat everything. I would be a stoic and teach her to be strong and stoical and not emotional or emotionally driven. She would keep things in, not express herself, she would be quiet, play quietly, keep to herself. She would be the perfect French child. And we would be parents but not friends, not close.
And what did I get? The exact opposite. It’s as if every time I posted or tweeted about how distant I would be, how quiet she would be, how self sufficient she would be, each time I was saying it there was someone somewhere wishing the opposite on me. She is everything I thought I didn’t…

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Love food and traveling. Breaking out of this introvert shell by expressing my thoughts, experiences and feelings.
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