Brigade of Lionesses

Cold honest beauty!

Sometimes Silver Linings are Blue



I was the newest mom in the support group.
I was different from the others.
I have-not only experienced a child with the disease, but I held it too.
Sitting with the moms in their heels and skirts while we sip tea.
We all drove Cadillacs, Beamers, or Benzes.
Society viewed us as having it all.
We have all the money we need and more.
Yet, we can’t buy our children’s health.
As each mother smiles and talks about rainbows and gum drops.
Their eyes could not deceive me.
I watched for weeks how they imagined they were fooling us all.
As they would speak how life was still perfect.
But… We all experienced the truth.
I would smurk and empathize hearing their lies.
On the third week my mouth opened without my command and
I uttered the words, ” You’re fucking lying!”
All their eyes were upon me in an instance

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About livedinitaly

Love food and traveling. Breaking out of this introvert shell by expressing my thoughts, experiences and feelings.
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One Response to Brigade of Lionesses

  1. Love says:

    Che belli! Buona Domenica HUGS 🙂

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