Are you culpable

You say you are her friend, known her from work, college or earlier.  Really?  A friend?  Would that then make you culpable?

You are the family, father, mother and sister.  You see her everyday.  Would that make you culpable?

How can one ignore the silent screams for help and laugh of the addiction of alcoholism as if there was nothing wrong?

Friend?  I would rather die alone, broke and miserable than call any of you a friend.  A friend would not laugh along at the drunken antics of another friend.  They would try and get help, make that friend see that their excessive drinking IS NOT funny, but hurtful and embarrassing.

You work with her and didn’t think that third or fourth drink at lunch daily was unusual?  You didn’t notice her frequent breaks at work to hide her drinking?

Father, mother and sister.  What poor excuses for human beings you are!  The ones who truly knew of her drinking and ignored her addiction.  Enablers each and every one of you.  You are the worst of the worst.

All of you kept it hidden, not a word said, note passed or an anonymous letter.  Her father waited until after the wedding then said “Now she is your problem.”

Her friends, those who loved going out with her, silent till the dying end.  Her dying end.  Only after her funeral did you feel it necessary to come forward and ask, not tell, ASK if I knew she had a drinking problem.  Were you seeking absolution or some form of redemption so you could sleep easier?  You won’t find it coming from me.

Too bad charges for her death can’t be brought against each and everyone of you.  As far as I am concerned all of you are directly culpable for her death and your dysfunctional bunch can rot in Hell.


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10 Responses to Are you culpable

  1. Rita says:

    Oh God, this hurts my heart.

  2. So heartbreaking, my friend. I’m so sorry. You are right, it is a travesty that no one tried to help.
    I don’t understand it. I have seen where those who ignore the problem do so because they themselves have it. But, for those who are supposed to love and protect someone, it’s inconceivable they let a fatal disease destroy their loved one. Dysfunction runs so deep in families. It’s insidious and so tragic when it leads to a death. I’m sorry my friend. I pray that your pain and anger eases. 🍃🌺💕

  3. Leslie Meeks says:

    This is heartbreaking. I don’t know what has happened, but I am truly truly sorry.

  4. My goodness I can feel the heartbreak in your words. I’m so sorry. (((Hugs)))). Wish I could do more. ❤️

  5. Oh my dear friend, the pain and hurt in your words make my chest ache. I am SO sorry for your loss. I don’t know the details, but I know the story all to well. It’s infuriating and inconceivable to have people bring your mother-in-law or brother-in-law wine and beer when they come for dinner. You know that they know who and what they are doing. But, I also know that even when you try to help, beg to help them, set up treatment and try to force them to go, if they won’t go on their own, there is nothing else you can really do. It’s the ultimate feeling of helplessness. I understand your desire to have them rot in Hell. Please, just don’t put yourself there while wishing them to join you. I’m sending all the strength, and love that I can to you. ((HUGS))

  6. Can not press like on this but am sending my support in healing. I was abused by my parents for many years. Everyone turned a blind eye. I left home at 16 and never looked back but it has haunted me ever since. I hope you can find your peace starting with not looking back at those who hurt you. Blessings my friend, look ahead and only allow love in 🙏❤️

  7. Lady Ate says:

    Oh dear God… this is so heartbreaking, brought tears in my eyes, and memories about my uncle woop had this problem, I was little child when he died but I will never forget him and how my parents tried for him, to help him. I’m so sorry. I know how it is when family doesn’t care, So I hope in your life you will find peace and maybe with time happiness you deserve. I wish you and will pray for you that you will find strength to forgive, not for them but for yourself. Lot of hugs for you my friend. ((((💗))))

  8. Mia Beleza says:

    Wow, I just saw this. I am sorry my dear friend. This is very heartbreaking.

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