A Venetian Winter Tale from 1341

La Venessiana

There are some ancient legends that bear a strange resemblance to the situation of the Lagoon today, just few of these are ever mentioned in travel guides. The legend of the “Three Saints” that succeeded in saving Venice from terrible floods caused by a winter storm back in the year 1341. The storm is actually no legend but the real basis of the legend, painted  by Jacopo Palma Il Vecchio, 1490 – 1528, in his Burrasca di Mare), a painting you can see the Galleria dell’Accademia.

In the evening of 15 February 1339 (or 1341, in other sources), a fisherman took refuge from an approaching tempest, hiding under the Ponte della Paglia bridge next to the Doge’s Palace. At that time, this bridge was made of wood and not of Istrian stone. The legend describes the wooden bridge as rather low, like it is today.
Suddenly with the wind turning…

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