How Christmas Can Be Hard on Flight Attendants

Heather Poole

We were walking the dog when my son said, “Why does it feel like my childhood is over? Does this mean I’m … a man?”

I thought about it for, oh, half a second, and said, “In a way I guess it does.”

I tried not to laugh, but it was nearly impossible. A man. My nine year old was not a man. He was a boy who had stopped believing in Santa Claus.

Our road to “manhood” began when I heard him rummaging around in the closet.

“Mom, get over here!”

The urgency in his voice could only mean one thing: Elf on a Shelf. He’d found the Elf on a Shelf. Only on this day, the Elf wasn’t on a shelf … it was smushed inside a box shoved in the back of the closet behind a tub of board games. (I knew I should have hidden…

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