Everyday Life in Italy

Passages older than man, beautiful.


I love Italy and I always am looking for opportunities to return. But I also know that everyday life in Italy is molto difficile. If you go, plan on walking a lot, and not just on a flat surface. Most of Italy’s roads and walkways are far from even or flat. Cobblestoned streets and inclined walk ways are the norm to getting around.

“But Italy has great public transportation,” you say. Absolutely it does with trains, buses, ferries, and subways. But once you arrive at your destination, plan on walking the rest of the way. Many of the most charming places in Italy, especially the historic centers, or centri storici, are pedestrianized streets. The good news is that all that exercise compensates for some of the gelato and pasta!

Ancient walkways in the Friuli region are made of stones, not asphalt or cement.

This is one of my…

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