my desire is void
silence replace words
my pen rejects paper
as dust settles in the ink well
my heart is icy cold
I love no more
barren and cold
my presence here
might as well leave
my absence unseen



About livedinitaly

Love food and traveling. Breaking out of this introvert shell by expressing my thoughts, experiences and feelings.
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6 Responses to Where

  1. Leslie Meeks says:

    Beautifully written, but terribly sad.

  2. You are DEFINITELY seen if this is written about you. If not, hauntingly beautiful. 😊

  3. Rita says:

    This is so beautiful, even in it’s melancholy. The pen is picking up speed it seems to me.

  4. Sabiscuit says:

    I appreciated the bitterness in this poem very much. Sometimes we shut down for whatever reason, and the only thing we can do is wait it out.

  5. Nice work. The sad emptiness comes through.

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