San Martino in pezzi: Introducing winter in Venice and the seasons-in-between

Venezia through the eyes of a Venetian. So few true Venetians remain in Venice, and like the heritage, they are a dying breed. Cherish the writings of Iris Loredana as she brings back vivid memories of my six years living in the Veneto. Grazie mille cara signorina, sei veramente gentile.

La Venessiana

Last updated on 24 November 2018

Is there a time – a season – that Venetians can really dedicate to themselves. Getting some quiet after a long (mass) tourist season. I think I’ve made out that time, even though it is getting shorter every year .. It’s now, when Venice chiude bottega for ten days, or so. When festive November comes to an (abrupt) end, because it was so lively during La Festa della Salute. Now, you can still find many of its culinary treats, like the San Martino biscuits broken into pieces – San Martino in pezzi – in the bakeries. Or the one bag of the fave biscuits left over in the pastry stores.


Even though you’d love strolling around for hours on end, these days in Venice you simply can’t, because the bora winds will make you change your mind. And if there’s no bora, we are living with acqua…

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