Veniceness. The soul of a unique city

A little light reading about the beautiful city on the water called Venezia.


Fioraia al Mercato di Rialto. Fine anni '70. Foto FurneriGUIDO MOLTEDO
There are no Venetians left in Venice. And this cannot only be blamed on the tourists who overwhelm them and submerge the city just as the high tides that now and again renew widespread and well-established anxiety – a seasonal classic – for a city destined to sink and instead continues to remain cheerfully where it is (this alarm should be interpreted more as concern for the destiny of its artistic heritage than for its inhabitants).testo originale in italiano

Al mercato di Rialto. Venezia. 1961. Foto Ferrigno The Rialto market, 1961 photo Ferrigno

The blame – if Venice is an ensemble of “uninhabited” treasures – lies above all with authors, journalists, cinematographers and photographers. In stories and novels set in Venice one rarely comes across its real inhabitants. Goethe mentions them only to criticise their appalling habit of emptying rubbish into the canals. There is no trace of passers-by in the Turkish writer…

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