TMI Tuesday

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1. My dream vacation is to… Oh too many.  Australia/New Zealand (never been), Hawaii (been), Europe (Italy is like a second home) – love France, Spain, Germany, Belgium (350+ different types of beer) and  Greece.

2. Right now I’m in… my office filling out this questionnaire.

3. I’m done with… Rude, self-centered people and corporate greed.

4. The most enjoyable thing around the holidays is… There isn’t anything any more (see 3).

5. Dashing through the snow, in a… Who in their right mind would go dashing through the snow?  Me  😀  (I never said I was in my right mind).

6. When my blog is broken… Did I make backups recently, or ever?

7. If only…  people could just love each other .

Bonus: I saw the most amazing moon this last night!




About livedinitaly

Love food and traveling. Breaking out of this introvert shell by expressing my thoughts, experiences and feelings.
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