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If you want a real picture of the beginning of D/s, read further.  I will warn you upfront, It gets uncomfortable.   I promised you real.  So, here’s real: She:  *Launches her hair goody at…

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Pain is subjective, So is tolerance  A sorry isn’t a magic potion, to heal the broken promises  Is it fair to ask for forgiveness always Once can be a mistake Twice is a warning Anything more, is pure complacency …

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My Best Friend Moved Away

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https://missameliaandsir.files.wordpress.com/2015/11/blog-post-11-29-2015-my-best-friend-moved-away.jpg?w=450 I am very sad today Because my Best Friend moved away Your family always comes first And you can no longer come out and play I want you here with me I don’t know what…

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