As I do the sea

Siren Whispers


I worship you

As I do the sea.


And respecting your control.

How you hold back

Just enough

Pushing me to the brink

Building the desire

Making me ache.

Before you engulf me

In a passionate embrace

Of words.

In much the same way

That the sea teases the shoreline

Before the tide rushes in.


I worship you

As I do the sea.

Adoring the fierce way

You make me breathless

By saturating my senses.

Every neuron firing

Every perception


Anticipation for your every move

Exciting me

Beyond measure.

Whether it’s the rapid way you encompass me

Making me feel you


 Or the way you tenderly take your leave.

Your touch lingering

Until you return.


I worship you

As I do the sea.

For the sea touches my soul

Like no other.

And like the sea

From our first moments

I was interested, excited, enthralled.

Seduced by…

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Love food and traveling. Breaking out of this introvert shell by expressing my thoughts, experiences and feelings.
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