Hurricane or tornado?

We live where hurricanes are more of a threat than tornadoes.  We have had the occasional tornado, but only as a spin-off from a hurricane (no pun intended).

So which, IMHO, is actually more of a threat?  I would rather go through a season of hurricanes that exhausts all the selected names for that season and move well in to the Greek alphabet, such as in 2005 than have to experience one tornado.  Yes, I have experienced a number of hurricanes first hand in 1999 with Hurricanes Irene and Georges, and a number of tropical storms with ~70 MPH winds passing over.

Why do I want hurricanes instead of tornadoes?  Think of the advance warning we receive for a possible hurricane strike.  We know about Erika somewhere around the 22nd of August.  Think how much warning folks in Tornado alley have.  Yes, sever storms are forecasted for a broad area for a certain time period.  Do you opt to stay in your storm shelter (if you have one) until the severe weather passes or do you go on with you day until an actual tornado hits?  It would be very disruptive to living and conducting business if one were to shelter every time until the weather cleared.  With a hurricane we have days to prepare and enact our Hurricane Plan if needed.

With Erika, the initial path along Florida was the east coast, Miami up to Jacksonville and points north.  Within 24 hours Erika’s path was updated with her route splitting the state of Florida.  Within another 24 hours that path was west of Florida in the Gulf of Mexico where the warmer waters and less wind sheer could allow her to strengthen and target just about anywhere along the gulf coast.  12 hours later:

” Tropical Storm Erika is no more
The National Hurricane Center said it will issue no further advisory on the system.”

A big sigh of relief is felt as our lives go back to normal, the heightened sense of urgency gone.  Yes it can get old quickly with the repeat warnings then nothing.  However it is that lead time which, for me makes facing a hurricane much more welcomed then trying to get into a safe place in less than a minute and wondering if I will come out alive.

We have all see the damage a tornado causes, Moore, Oklahoma is a good example of the massive destruction being hit in 2013 and 2015, as is Greensburg, Kansas which was obliterated (

Tornado damage is quick and relatively short in time.  Hurricanes can cover much larger areas.  Katrina followed the same track as Andrew, passed over south Florida, strengthened in the gulf then headed to New Orleans.  Hurricane Sandy never touched land but her winds and the ensuing storm surge caused massive damage alone the mid-Atlantic coast.

Yes, I will welcome a hurricane any day.


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2 Responses to Hurricane or tornado?

  1. Felicity says:

    I may be with you there, having weathered both… So to speak! Scariest thing I ever experienced along those lines was a few years ago; the meteorologists called it a super derecho. We were coming home from shopping, and our car was suddenly being shaken and pushed all over the road. Trees and limbs were falling, the sky was black… They afterwards reported 80 mph straightline winds . honestly more frightening than the time we were driving through rural Kansas during a tornado cluster!

    I prefer my weather fair, and my breezes gentle.😊

    Happy to hear Erika petered out.

  2. Joy says:

    I’m glad you are safe and sound! I’ve never experienced a tornado but have seen a few hurricanes up here on the East coast of Mass.

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