Lord Howe Island Green Turtle Release - This photograph shows the moment of release of a juvenile green turtle into the waters off Lord Howe Island, by marine park ranger, Sallyann Gudge. The photo was taken in the open ocean 1.5 nautical miles offshore. The image accompanied a story about green turtle population changes and the science of releasing rehabilitated turtles. The turtle in the picture was one of three that had gone astray and was found near death. The three young reptiles had been rehabilitated in Sydney then flown to the island for release. No special effects or staging was involved in this photo. *** Local Caption *** 2010 Eureka Prizes use only

Sometimes we  (me, this aged, old, decrepit adult) need the insight of an outsider to provide a lifeline when we are floundering in our daily interactions.   Their perspective of a relationship is crystal clear, not clouded by feelings and promises.

I’m of the generation where my word amongst friends was taken as my bond and nothing else was needed.  This is one trait I still carry all these decades with me.  If I say I will be someplace I am there five to 10 minutes early.  If I say I will help you you know the job will be completed and then some.  If I say I will be there for you, regardless of the day, time or location, I will be waiting.

It took this third party to slap the stupid out of me so I could see I was no longer needed (and probably not wanted but that is a different post) and I should break my promise.  So how does one recant their bond?  How do you say goodbye without being hurt or hurtful?  Hopefully tactful, hopefully gently and without burning any bridges.

The deed done, not to see if there are any fires on the past horizon.

To that third party, to the individual who I now consider a friend, Thank You is insufficient.  😀

Image by @James Woodford


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Love food and traveling. Breaking out of this introvert shell by expressing my thoughts, experiences and feelings.
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4 Responses to Release

  1. My heart is saddened that this has come to pass. I wish you peace of mind and heart my friend. xo

  2. Nothing better than a person who stands by their word but in this case you made the right choice. If someone treats you like an option do yourself and them a favour and remove yourself from the equation. I hope you feel better and happier very soon. x

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