Amazing how Mother Nature can take something like this caterpillar, feasting on milkweed and after a period of time it knows to find a safe place away from the plant which has provided nourishment and begin that process of change.


A change to a Chrysalis


where that metamorphosis finally happens.  Out of sight, protected by part of itself and to begin the process all over.

IMG_4335The Monarch will, in a one year cycle, go through four series of laying eggs, hatching of larva, creating a Chrysalis to then be another Monarch.  Each of the first three life cycles are brief and the Monarch dies shortly after laying eggs.  The last life cycle is the longest as the Monarch will migrate to warmer climes for hibernation.


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10 Responses to Change

  1. Did you take those? Wonderful pictures!

  2. livedinitaly says:

    Thank you and yes. Plants in the front yard.

  3. The circle of life! It is glorious and mind-blowing. Lovely post x

  4. livedinitaly says:

    Yes it is and being able to watch it out our window increases the the beauty of not just the butterfly but also the intimacy of the process – birth to death.

  5. Ishita says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  6. livedinitaly says:

    It has been centuries since I was in Trieste. Need to return. Thank you for bringing back fond memories!

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